To Mary


compliments to Kaz Field’s Blog- HGFields on WordPress. The obnoxious drunk vs a calm high

Within a moment that I’d beg to differ was better late than never I awoke even more to the fact of movement.

I know we’ve all realised it long before, but moving is such a normal, every day, every second habit ( infact we humans are like wild beasts, incapable of keeping completely still for long periods; when I say long periods I mean no eye twitching, no blinking, no eyebrow raising, no body a fucking rock sun ) but tonight while laying on the floor listening to some music I sighed to myself…” to move from here now, let me move my hand first ” and from that, my “will to move” brought my hand above my face.

I stared, I stared into my wonderfully “suited for massage” structured hand as if I unlocked another code.

My thought of movement was enough. Spiritual powers acting on the nervous system sending electronic messages to whichever respective body part required for hauling ass. Granted many things can move, what once was inanimate can now make you look twice. Technology has advanced to an incredible extent, however those advances still need power. They need energy of all kinds. Energies for movement, for processing for pale versions of our true selves; this energy we create ourselves.

We are walking, beautiful creatures powered by our ability to tap into the conscious level of being. Even awareness from little things, whether “early”, “late” or reoccuring come when they are needed.

So let’s all realise the power of our thoughts….one thought can move one finger, and that same thought can move the World.

Happiness my friends ! 😀