Good day Folks ! And what a Wonderful day it is!

First off I’d like to thank my past self last night for knowing when to tap out. Leaving behind the rest of the j for this morning’s pleasure.

So…shall we begin ?

Late one night around 3 am or so…maybe 4, more so 4 a.m ( and I use night because between being lazy and logical, morning is when the sun rises fullstop ) I sat outside of a party watching these two girls quarrel with each other. There were one or two other fights earlier and this was just some silly aftermath. I noticed one of the two women who was notably more livid than the other. Then something happened…then, I stopped seeing them and started to feel them. It was quite a painful feeling, which brings me now to tell you the matter of this blog: Anger.

To look at this we must first appreciate the philosophies of some cultures. In some Cultures, Occults etc we may find beliefs of ( and many other religions do as well )  one guardian angel and internal demons assigned to each person. However, in this onslaught of good vs evil, you can also be attacked by external demons. It even goes a way to say with enough fight, enough attacks from demons feeding on your life force while you submit to feelings such as depression and anger, that the demons begin to possess you.


Another sect, found in occults and the muslim faith are the jinn ( djinn/ genie also derives from this arabic word ). Jinn are thought to make up the three sentient of God along with humans and angels. Records have the jinn and their fall being similar to that of lucifer and his fallen angels in the christian text. The Jinn fell from the heavens and find themselves attached to one human; these jinn will feed on your bad emotions and whisper evil deeds into your ear.

Do you remember the last time you saw someone angry ? What did they look like, did they resemble the person you knew or cared about ( obviously excluding strangers here ). When was the last time you were completely angry ? I mean blood raged, adrenaline rush ready to boot a nigga in the fucking face, saying the worst things you could say to a person. How did that feel ?

Disgusting. You feel disgusted in yourself, what you did, what you said. Filthy. As if you were not you, as if your soul was now tainted by a gooping, black, thick slime. When you see someone you know or love be angry, especially at you they look so different. A fury burns in their eyes like you’ve never seen before and you experience fear, regret, pain and in turn more anger. Who are they then ? Who are you in that moment ? Are you sure that is truly a part of your being ?

The People are so used to pain and loss that I fear we have come to expect it, hope for it. Pain and misery is comfort for many simply because they don’t have faith anymore that they deserve to be happy. We are humans… we ARE supposed to be “too happy”, yes it may not last but pain too must follow the laws of the universe; pain too shall not last. Anger, sorrow, jealousy: do not let these things become you, your soul is as bright and beautiful as the morning sun.

Shine Your Lights Upon The World !

Be Well & Be Happy 🙂