8081_334745756608033_1116633350_n“Yo SKippa..holla back”


“What’s cookin”

“here watchin lil news”

“oh cool cool anything interesting ?”

“not particularly”

To which I told my fried I relish the day a bajan’s discovery or advancement leads the headlines. Lol was the response I got but this is a serious issue.

Granted we are a small island without resources of bigger countries, it still bothers me the direction we are going in. It seems as if the institutions push you to leave Barbados, the school system, the behaviour of the elders, the structure of the businesses and education. It is as if Barbados’ job is to educate us so we can go overseas to study.

Why is this ?

Why is there not more awareess, involvement, action in pushing manufacturing, agricultural, science even ! medicine.  relevant careers in the island ? So that we as barbadian citizens Want to learn more in Bim, We WANT to pursue a career in our home to make it better.

Yes there are many processes, red tape and care into planning but just because something is as it is, and has been for a long time, does not mean that is how things HAVE to be or will continue to be. The first step is always to realise and ackowledge, the first step is realisation. And one step in the right direction is always better than two steps in the “wrong” direction.


Finally got spurred on to write a post, had some other ideas recently but none to hold me over long enough in writing. I believe one talk I had with Sara was about social media. She isn’t on facebook anymore and I’ve taken certain different takes on it for the last year. My main reason for being on them and abusing for the past year was bcaab but now that that is somewhere taking up space and housing spidermen, I am free.

Take twitter for example, depending on what or who you follow, there is a high chance of always waking up or perusing during the day to see people’s sorrow, pain, anger, every aspect of their life, and it’s often so negative. Same thing for facebook ( those funny pictures are LIFE though ! sometimes ya don’t need a philosophical view, just a good ol fuckin smile and laugh ), so much irrelevant cunt, brainwashing schemes are thrown out there. These things sink deep into our subconscious and affect our energies. Don’t let what you read become you, be mindful of what you take in, especially if you don’t have any concepts of your own subconscious.

Well folks that is it for now, short and sweet ( short for me lol ) but always remember you can find countless and explosive meanings encapsulated within fewer words.

P.S You normally hear people say “oh well that’s life” when something bad happens or a string of undesirable situations. This is a fine example of realising life is not good or bad, it just is..how you react and your attitude towards situations determines your well being and your future force. So if something happens you don’t like, stay calm and don’t say ” oh well that’s life “, find some goodness within your heart ( think of a person who makes you happy, memory anything so ) and say ” Well ! That’s LIFE ! 😀 “…and the change in attitude will wonder your mind at how things could have changed so sweetly so quickly.

What makes you happy ? Multiply that shit fam !

Live Well & Be Happy 🙂