295467_334741439941798_1913236686_nDon’t know why I still try to make plans sometimes. Planning, especially for something like this blog is unwise. I believe in between starting the path of a natural way while at the same time seeking knowledge leaves me a bit misconstrued. I’m sure there is a balance though, it will happen…

Greetings folks ! hope you who read this are well, if not I wish wellness sooner rather than later….

Pain. Pain & Suffering, being in spiritual prisons. These are things we cannot escape from. From being birthed into this world we suffer, people will get sick, people will die, objects will be lost, destroyed or cease to function. Things are as they are, but that doesn’t mean something is wrong. Just because things don’t go your way or you find a pattern of disappointment…don’t ever say something is “wrong” with you, say everything is RIGHT with me !

The blog today is motivated by the ending of a short-lived but absolutely wonderful relationship. In these times I must express gratitude because through the pain I am able to train my spirit, elevate myself in love itself. As we grew from teenagers you will find most people are geared by ego. I love you today, hate you tomorrow. Jealousy, envy, negativity..these are not kind things. To feel pain, to feel the sorrow of loss, that is fine, that is okay; those things are a part of you and the path of love, don’t ever think they are BAD or WRONG, don’t lose yourself in the negativity.

The pain at least shows you that you had the capacity to feel an amazing feeling, you had those moments and were able to experience something so wonderful. When you love someone, mean it…if they need help be there, if they need to talk be there, did you not say you love them ? Regardless of if they are with you are not, you love them. However, as zen sex will show you there is always the middle way. Do not disrespect yourself or disadvantage yourself for someone who chooses not to be with you anymore, respect yourself and their decision…find that balance between opening your soul and letting go.


If you think about it on a grander scale, what good is your love if you will refuse those who you feel have done you “wrong” ? Sometimes you’ve got to stop thinking about “why did this happen” or ” why did this happen to me”, you’ve got to be Aware of your ego, of the flesh and strip that from your spirit. Good and bad, right and wrong, these things are cravings of a mind desperate to be logical all of the time. This desperation to be logical is born out of a thirst to understand, a hunger to explain events that occur. But this way, this way only muddles your vision more. Everything always has another side, Always…you will find many plausible reasons for one simple thing, and this way is not being aware. We must learn to be aware of a situation As It Is. We must learn to accept how we feel, how others feel, as things that just are…only then can you begin to be at peace with yourself and move forward holistically.

We are all connected, whether this life is an illusion or not we are here and we are connected. If you hate someone, you feel it because in the end you are hating yourself. If you love someone, if you love till you feel you can’t love anymore ( generally, people, things, animals, etc ) you feel good, because that love is elevating your spirit. So for each disappointment, each pain, each loss, each regret, use that as an opportunity to be at peace with what happened and at peace with yourself; an opportunity to train your spirit.

Now obviously I am no monk, I am no buddhist, I am no spiritual speaker, I am simply another part of us who has chosen to walk a path. Humans are a creature of habit, things do not ever simply just change. Your attitude and thoughts might, but your behaviour takes practice. The same reason monks spend decades meditating, the same way you spend copious amounts of time training for athletics, gym, even keeping a consistent diet. The same way with positive thinking, with opening your heart to love, with walking the middle way. Everyday, every moment is an opportunity to live well, and when you are aware of yourself going off track. STOP. Just STOP. If you are speaking ill, STOP. If you are thinking ill, think nothing. Thinking of these things being easy or hard is irrelevant, what matters is you just do. “Wu Wei”- a chinese principle which means doing without doing, with this I will leave you folks a quote from ZEN SEX ( great book ) and a video.

The Way does not get closer by searching farther.
The sage keeps to the beginning to discover the end.
And finds without seeking;
Arrives without leaving;
Does without doing;
And knows without understanding.

P.S The blog feels all over the place but that is fine, it is as it is, I hope today we can take some thing from this post, and maybe if you read it again tomorrow you’ll see something you didn’t see today 🙂