Howdy folks,

Today’s blog was written sometime last week, I will try my best to keep it within 3 paragraphs, each probably being a different, extremely brief topic… but already I feel as if I am lying to you on the estimate.


Coming off a chiefin’ session with the HG Fields himself, my mind was repeatedly fucked by the layout of clubs ( we were in Sugar which is still minimalistic compared to others elsewhere ). Taking into account the positioning of lights, sound, decor, the vibe is essentially a drug itself. Just like the cave men from 30 000+ years ago, we travel through our “caves” of sensory deprivation ( in this case overexposure ). We go out to clubs, under the illusion of something “normal” but as a virtual drug to send our senses in a haphazard way; and they say marijuana is the gateway to drugs…jokes! some of this propaganda has been laughable since my first real hit.

Onto some ramblings that were a constant roundhouse-roadhouse kick to my mind. Imagine the days of old, when the lands were of our dreadlocked, black ancestors. Some drifting in their nomadic groups to colder regions all over, pigment changing, melanin depleting, and adapting to the changes in climate. Eyes, nose, hair, body structure, skills, all to adapt to cold, dense and fluctuating atmospheres. Thousands of years roll on as we have our first “interracial porn”. The culmination of the two species creating the first ethnically black influenced red man ( so I believe ). Strip now, the concept of man being god over animals, and just another “more consciously aware” genus “human”. We can picture evolution, the glowing birth of a red man, uncurling from a ball of energy, standing as tall and confident as our brethren but with noticeably different skin. As we were once all the same, we still are. Miracles everywhere, as is birth, as is drinking tea and eating breakfast.

Thirdly I’ll just leave some quotes I watched from a lecture today, it can be absurdly boring to anyone, I had to put effort in it at first, but it became easier the 2nd time around ( I fell asleep ). I do fancy his delivery though, it kind of encaptulates the message he delivers and what OF he delivers…

“You are not what happens in your life. You are not the situation, the time, the content. You are the space in which things happen. You are not your thoughts, they come and go. You are the vastness of which they travel through”

Well that’s almost verbatim.

Oh yes…before we go, I had a talk with a friend of mine the other night. He was a christian, follower of God and we just had a slight conversation to which at some point he said ” you can’t change what I believe “. This concerned me a bit as I never said or hinted that was my intention, he asked me a question and topics followed based on things I have read, seen and identified with. Another point that bothered me is when I told him what an athiest said, about how reading the bible is the fastest evidence if you think about being athiest. We touched on the laws and how killing was done widespread, the only killing disallowed was within the tribes, which sparked segregation etc. Given the fact the other cities did sin yes, my friend said ” well if they sinned and the punishment for sinning was death, well “…I was astounded at how morals and the search for a deeper understanding was lacking in that splutter of a statement.

Anyways folks, I’m out, and remember, everything is as simple as you don’t make it seem…if you love, love openly, and when you love, let the world know !

In Peace and Harmony