bet your bottom dollar that tomorroowwww (8)

Greetings Folks…today’s post comes off the bat of youtube videos I watched last night featuring Neil Degrasse Tyson, a reknowned AstroPhysicist as well as talks with my step-father ( sort of ).

Honestly, actuallly I can’t full remember what I was going to write about at the moment so here’s to hoping I can wing it and publish this today.

Ah yes, this has to do with completing my university degree as well as interest in attending a holistic school next year. Now I am not a fan of UWI, nor have I ever been, based on not having a passion or a fuck to give for the degrees they were teaching ( especially what is taught and how it is taught ). My field, management with psychology, and many others  which help a capitalist economy serve purposes I do admit realitively, however for as long as I have acknowledged my conscious I know it isn’t for me. A career, a job, doing something for part or the rest of my live which has no spiritual benefit for me or people ( as we are one ) is not a path I’d like to walk.

As I grow I have accepted that I may not be rich, may not have a family, a big house, fancy car and 3 dogs plus 2 parakeets. But what I do know, and what the buddha has stressed on in his teachings, is I want to live WELL. I want to do GOOD. The path that I walk now, this mentality we have been slaves to for centuries shall not bear me fruits of true joy and spiritual uplifting in this life or the many to come. That being said I will finish my exams this semester and attempt to take a leave while I find work to help fund the school next year. When you want something, better get up and go for it, granted I still have an application to fill, an essay to write and an interview for the school, I’m going to “The Pursuit of HappYness” the fuck out of the next year.

Based on Neil Degrasse’s talks with Bill Maher ( to which I will leave a clip below ), I’d like people to wake up and remember their dreams, their beliefs, in a better tomorrow. Not a better materialistic tomorrow, but a better holistic tomorrow. If you are doing something you love or passionate about but can’t have the big bucks like your friends, that’s okay…do you need it? Do you need the fastest car ? Do you need to buy 10 bottles when you go partying ? Do you need the latest in everything ? What do those things do for you in mind body and spirit besides give a temporary satisfaction to which you will forever feel a hunger for, especially in the next 3 months when a new piece of tech comes out or clothing. That being said I love my games so knamean, when a new game comes out, if I got the money I am buying that ish…but that’s a different ball game, just wanted to state that.

Uhhh talks between my step father and I shall be for a later date though. But basically he is a hebrew israelite by religion so our talks always circle around the bible and the original scriptures void of centuries of interpretations with an agenda. To be truthful his teachings to me are the only things which make me believe in the god of Israel, of Jacob, Abraham etc etc based on prophecies in the bible. Based on us as black people and by extension as people of a whole, what is being done wrong, what’s reflected in the modern wars and global conflict as well as the interruptions by natural disasters. Great talks man, worth a listen… anyways…

Go in peace and prosperity, don’t let anyone discourage you from following the god within which guides you to your happiness and fulfillment.