Greetings to the few and far between

I’ve already been blogging on wordpress under a different name, however I am dying off on that one. Whether this be another phase of mine which I can’t seem to keep up with is uncertain. One thing I am sure of though, is the annoyance I am trying to quell after having to create a new gmail account, some things just take too long; between being lazy and simple I have a hard time sticking to some things.

Recently I’ve read a blog, well as recent as 30 minutes ago, of one of my friends. He is a graduate of UWI whose focus lies on many topics, but interestingly enough I dig hearing his views on economics, globalization, the caribbean, etc.. anything of that stimulation. That’s enough of that, now to finish up this short post of which I’m not sure of sequels.

My other blog focused on event reviews in  my home country. Not withstanding my laziness I’ve gotten quite bored of that life for now. I believe it has to do with my lack of funds. Hanging around people who are on different wave lengths gets tiring after a while. So as much as I love to hear about how many bottles someone bought or how many women they grabbed at in a party, I’m on another quest which I’ve been following quite feverently lately.

For now let’s just stick to generic Peace. Whether I am lazy, uninterested or too simple sometimes, I just wonder a lot about mankind and it’s history. A history plagued in greed and war, what really can become of this cycle ? Just of the cycle in life and death, reincarnations and karmic harmony, would it be right to admire the buddha who sought to, and only he now knows if he did, transcended the cycle itself rather than just adjust his karmic reality for his next lifetime. Granted he did say, just like other messiah’s and men of praise that they will stay or come again, based on their feeling of duty to help others elevate. Regardless of that fact I will instead simply make a note about something I got quite perturbed by last night…

It hurt a bit, as a man, as a black man, a caribbean man, that I grew up without my gods. I grew up with christian gods, with jesus christ, but what about my cultural gods ? What about these caribbean gods derived from african descent whom I don’t even know. Taking away the diefication, what’s really important is that I, we have grown without our caribbean culture passed on through these gods. At 21 years old I’m now starting the journey as a newborn, and perhaps a newborn I shall be for quite some time, if not in every situation.

As abruptly as premature ejaculation happens, I will end here, maybe you will see me again, maybe you won’t, if you’ve read this then I wish at least you see yourself.

Namaste my brothers and sisters